9911098174, 9911038174, 011-42458174

9911098174, 9911038174, 011-42458174

 9911098174, 9911038174, 011-42458174

9911098174, 9911038174, 011-42458174

9th & 10th - Math, Science

About These Courses

The basis for higher courses is laid in classes 9 and 10. The knowledge a student gains in these subjects forms the foundation for their future education. However, most of the time, students treat these lectures casually and miss out on the opportunity to learn all possible.

Features Of SSM Education


You can become a statistician, economist, math teacher in schools or colleges/universities, actuary, market research scientist, economist, aerospace engineer, financial analyst, and many other careers with math knowledge and expertise.

Science can be a challenging subject to learn. Students will have to understand the concepts of physics, chemistry, and biology in depth so that the foundations they have to move onto more complex topics in the future are strong enough.

Class 9

We offer lessons that are directly aimed to our students' needs as part of our offline classes. At SSM Education, we want to educate greater than simply what the Class 9 syllabus covers. SSM Education concentrates on developing their strategy for intelligent learning.

Class 10

Since this topic's lessons have an impact on how we live our daily lives, we at SSM Education dedicate ourselves to helping our students adapt to and learn this subject. We build our teachings beyond the challenging vocabulary and graphics of the Class 10 Science & Maths curriculum.